IOWA Group Testing

April 22-24, 2019

Location: Heath Church 206 Smith Farm Road, Lexington NC 27292

If you have a student who is 7 years older or older, you are required by North Carolina Department of Non-Public education to give your child a standardized test yearly. There are many options available to us but many find testing with a group a convenient way to get this requirement accomplished. We will order the test, setup proctors and test schedules and mail the test in to be graded. The graded test will be delivered to you for your records. We choose the IOWA because it tests in Math, English, Science and Social Studies. It is delivered in a multiple choice format. If you plan to test with CCHE your test order must be in by March 1, 2019. Once ordered, You will receive an e-mail from the testing coordinator to confirm your child’s grade and information.